What’s in your carbon footprint?

DRIVING—The average American passenger vehicle travels 11,493 miles a year, which is equivalent to the release of approximately 10,582 pounds of CO2e emissions into the atmosphere annually.


AIR TRAVEL—A 3,500 mile flight (such as from Los Angeles to Chicago, round trip) produces approximately 2,700 pounds of CO2e.


WHAT YOU BUY—Everything you purchase and use has a carbon footprint determined by a wide range of factors including how and where it was produced, the materials it was made from, and the lifecycle of the product.


WHAT YOU EAT/DRINK—Everything in your diet has a carbon footprint, made up by many factors including the product itself, how it is grown or produced, the associated waste and/or methane released during its production, transportation associated with getting the product to your plate, and its product lifecycle. Generally plant-based foods have a lower carbon footprint than animal-based. Meat and animal by-products are the largest contributors to your dietary carbon footprint.





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