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Your commitment helps restore a Pacific Northwest treasure

Middle Deschutes River


National Fish and Wildlife FoundationLOCATION: 
Central Oregon
PROJECT RESULT: 488 million gallons restored to over 30 miles of river
PROJECT PARTNER: Deschutes River Conservancy
VERIFICATION: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
PROJECT TYPE: Leasing Agreement

The Middle Deschutes River is a 35-mile section of the iconic Deschutes River that flows between the city of Bend and Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon. In this section of the river, deep canyons and public lands comprise one of the most scenic desert areas in the state of Oregon. Red-band trout, otters, ospreys and myriad wildlife species inhabit this section of river and depend on clean, healthy flows of water.

However, historically, most of the flow to the Middle Deschutes River was diverted near the city of Bend to serve agricultural needs throughout central Oregon. Thanks to partnerships with the Deschutes River Conservancy and local irrigation districts and the financial commitment of individuals and businesses, new solutions have been developed to restore more than 115 cubic feet per second of flow to the Middle Deschutes during the summer months. Your purchase of Water Restoration Certificates® helps provide funding that allows the Deschutes River Conservancy to negotiate lease agreements with irrigators and keep these flows in the river, fostering a healthy ecosystem for people, plants and wildlife.

While agency-led monitoring efforts are underway to assess the positive impacts of this restored flow, fly-fishing guides and biologists who regularly visit this area continue to report improved populations of Red-Band trout.